So what makes Kybro different?


Kybro Constructions work with you in creating your dream home, designed specifically to suit your budget. We ensure you receive an accurate quotation with no hidden blowouts. How? Our initial Preliminary process ensures we have all required information, BEFORE we provide you a quote, this way you avoid hidden costs and budget blowouts, due to nasty clauses such as “subject to engineering”. Rest assured your dream home will be constructed on time, and on budget.

Designed to Impress

Your Kybro custom designed home is a one of a kind, and unique as your family. Once you have agreed to a design, you will never see another home like yours. We take the time to understand your dreams alongside our experienced architect and interior designers to ensure the house you are imagining, and the one you put your key in the front door of, are identical.

Personal Service

As a small and local business, to us, you aren’t another number or a search in the database. We encourage regular communication and are contactable at any stage of construction and ensure to keep you informed every step along the way. We understand that building your new home is one of the biggest milestones your family will have, and we strive to make it a smooth, enjoyable and exciting experience.

Environmentally Sustainable

From design stage through to materials & finishes, we encourage the use of sustainable features throughout your home. Correct design & positioning will ensure your home maximises comfort whilst reducing environmental impacts & energy consumption, and when teamed with the use of sustainable materials & appliances you can be sure you will be reducing your eco footprint and overall energy consumption – ultimately saving you dollars!

Peace of Mind

Building with Kybro is virtually a risk free decision. We understand building your home is a big decision and ensure you are kept up to date at all stages throughout the building process.

Furthermore, once your Kybro custom home is complete, we provide more than just the standard warranties. We offer every client additional home maintenance checks, so you can be sure your home will still be standing strong for many years to come.

Timeframe Guarantee

Every project is different, but once we understand the scope of your building or renovation, we can provide you with a timeframe in which we guarantee the job will be completed.  Contact Kybro for more information and an estimate time frame on your dream home.